Laser Periodontal Treatment

Laser Periodontal TreatmentHealing people with lasers is not science fiction fantasy! It turns out that laser treatment for gum disease is a modern day reality. When this powerful treatment is in the right hands and done with proper care, laser periodontal therapy can be an effective, efficient way to treat certain issues associated with gum disease.

What does it treat?
Laser treatment is an option available for treating gum disease. It is important to catch gum disease early before it creates havoc in your mouth. The best treatment is an ounce of prevention. Taking good care of your teeth, avoiding smoking, and regular check ups are a great place to start.

What is different about laser treatment?
Normally gum and periodontal disease are treated with scaling and root planing. This is the process of removing plaque and tarter from teeth and roots to allow gums to grow back healthy.

With laser treatment, a precise laser removes infected tissue near the base of the tooth, where the periodontist might not otherwise be able to reach non-surgically. The periodontist can then remove plaque and smooth out the root to avoid future infection.

While laser treatment is still being observed and tested, it has shown to be efficient and effective, given that it is so precise and less invasive than surgery. It also does not require anesthetic. Laser periodontal treatment is proving to be a great option for people who need quick, effective gum treatment.

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