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Wright Perio & Implants Patient Reviews

“Dr Wright and his staff are incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I have had some surgical procedures and Dr Wright answered all of my questions and concerns with an incredible calmness that left me with no worries at all.

Ginny has been with me through all of my procedures and actually drove me home from one when my husband was not in town to do so. She has gone the extra mile to work with my insurance company to get me the best cost possible. She really cares about each patient and does not want you to worry about these kinds of things when you are undergoing a stressful situation.

Michelle is just awesome! She explains everything and constantly checks in while she is cleaning your teeth to ensure you are comfortable. Her level of expertise is unlike any hygienist I have ever had in the past.

Ariana manages x-rays like a true professional. These are not easy to capture on the first try and she nails it every time.

This team works together 100% and that is why I feel so fortunate to be a patient and comfortable whenever I have an appointment…whether it is a cleaning or something more invasive. I would and have recommended Dr Wright’s practice to anyone looking for a dentist or a practice that deals with much more intense procedures.

This level of service has been lost by many in this day and age and I am happy to post this stellar review.”

~ Tamara F.

“This doctor and his team are absolutely amazing! I received the Pinhole Surgery to repair receding gums I was experiencing. I was extremely nervous even at the consultation appointment but they made me feel comfortable and were great at explaining everything and very kind and detailed when answering all of my questions.

The surgery itself went very well and there was surprisingly very little pain following it-I only had to take 2-3 Advils/day for about 1 week. It fixed the receding gums I was having but also really boosted my confidence.

Before and after the surgery I had my teeth and gums treated by the hygienist. Michelle is very thorough, explains kindly along the way what she’s doing, always asks if you’re doing ok and leaves your mouth so clean! Her work is exceptional.

The office manager is incredible and answered any questions I had. Ginny is very organized and will take you into her office and explain the cost in great detail.

The technician was a big part of the surgery, both before and during. She is very kind and professional and explains what she’s doing. She knew I was nervous and did a great job making me feel comfortable.

In conclusion, I was very happy with the outcome of the surgery and I definitely recommend this office to others.”

~ Evelyn H.

“This is a longer review for those wanting a full picture of the team. BEST DENTAL TEAM in Orange County!!!

As a new patient and someone who has worked with teams and leadership for over 7 years, Dr. Wright’s team is what we call a transformational team. Yes — in a dentist’s office.

Dr. Wright:
Spent more time with me than most doctors answering my questions about a possible surgical procedure and informing me about it. He speaks slowly with a calming baritone voice. His tone and inflection are both sincere and genuinely full of care. And I noticed that he speaks and treats with the same care — to his clients and his team members. During my initial visit, I was surprised at the level of organization and communication between the X-Ray tech and himself. I felt like I was in the hands of an elite medical team. Dr. Wright’s office is nothing less.

Office Manager Ginny:
Normally, my experience with office managers is quite transactional–the sooner they can pass me to the next team member, the better. Ginny, however, made me feel invited and truly cared for just by her warm welcome and presence alone. Because of me, she went on a 10-minute goose hunt for my insurance info. Yet, through the whole process, she was calm and patient. She went above and beyond by reaching out to the insurance company for me. She does not miss a detail and I feel blessed to be in the presence of such care.

Dental Assistant Michelle:
What I truly appreciate about Michelle is her communication. She articulated her process before and during my cleaning which made me feel respected, informed and know what to expect. Her physical skills are unmatched and I was pleased to witness her thoroughness when she didn’t have to be. She too went above and beyond to make me comfortable and look forward to my next visit!

X-ray technician:
was thorough, communicative, and a pleasure to talk to during my new patient visit.

oh, and my teeth look and feel spectacular.”

~ Jonathan Dr.

“I can’t thank Dr. Wright, Michelle (dental hygienist), and Ginny (the one-woman show, who runs the office) enough for handholding me through the process of a tooth extraction, dental implant, and now ongoing dental hygiene appointments. I’ve always been terrified of going to the dentist until I started coming here. Dr. Wright is both amazing at what he does and so sweet during treatments. He’s given me my smile back by helping me get rid of an infection via tooth extraction and helping me through the process of getting a dental implant, which I’m so happy with.

Michelle is also a top-of-the-line dental hygienist, who is so gentle, nonjudgmental, and amazing at what she does. I went in for my dental hygiene appointment today, and they’ve implemented a new method of cleaning, called GBT, that was gentler, yet more effective. Michelle puts a layer of gel over the teeth that turns purple over areas where there’s plaque build-up, which enables her to focus on those areas to rid the mouth of any plaque or tartar buildup. And the best part is that it doesn’t hurt!

Ginny is also the best at what she does. She’s been so helpful with all things scheduling, dealing with insurance, and making sure I’m getting back into the office when I need to, even as a busy mama of 2 little boys.

Grateful for this team, and could not recommend them enough!”

~ Megan N.

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